This is me in my sleep last night.

Matthew says he’s not sleeping here anymore. I haven’t wanted to post about this because it sounds so crazy, but he’s not reading it anyway. He basically doesn’t want anything to do with this house anymore-- ever since he fell off the ladder he’s had some idea that there’s bad juju in here. Which is nuts, because even though things have been sort of rough lately, I still believe in this place.


I still feel like this is the house where we’re going to find our little girl-- I can’t explain it, it’s just something I feel-- but I don’t know how to make him believe in her again.

Kris finally called me, and when I told her what was going on, she was like, you should get somebody to “clear your space.” She said she felt it too, some kind of bad energy in here.

Bummed that I can’t get in touch with my witchy friend Marie from the Home Depot parking lot.

I can’t take any more bad energy right now, guys. Have you ever tried burning sage or anything? Does it work?