Sorry these posts have been so short, these pills are really messing me up.

My mom is pissed at me because I’m supposed to be resting but I can’t leave this alone. The Nicholson-Rand house. It’s on every haunted house website. A gothic revival farmhouse in Indiana.

This is David Nicholson, the stonemason who built it for his family to live in. Nicholson, his wife, and their little daughter.

I found this in a scan of his obituary from 1899 .  (source:

I found this in a scan of his obituary from 1899. (source:

He finished building the house in 1876, but his family didn’t move in. Nicholson divorced his wife while he was building it and had her put in an institution. She died there.

Nicholson remarried right away. He lived in the house with his new wife for less than a year before they moved out. All that work, that whole house, and he barely lived there. I don’t know if they were driven out by something, or what.

I can’t find any record of what happened to the daughter Nicholson had with his first wife. I can’t find her name, I can’t find her photo. But I have a pretty strong feeling she’s about five years old, blonde hair, blue dress, standing in the window and waiting for me to come home.

What happened to her? I feel like something bad happened to her. I feel like I know her.

But how does a ghost from Indiana end up in southern California?

I just re-read that last question and I think fact that I’m even asking it means I’ve already lost my mind.

I’ve been talking about this with Kris a lot-- she’s always thought that the thing in the bedroom wasn’t an animal, it was something else. I don’t know-- maybe I’m just foggy from these pills but I’m starting to believe her.

Kris has a friend who’s a producer on one of those cheesy ghost hunting shows and she’s trying to convince me to let their crew spend a night in the baby’s room. See what happens.

Why not, I guess-- my husband is gone, my house is haunted, I’m thirty-five years old and I’ll never get pregnant and I’m living in my mom’s house, taking a sedative every six hours so I don’t start screaming. Not a lot to lose.

This house is all over the internet-- if you guys can find anything out, will you post it in the comments?