I’m sleeping with my poor busted husband again since Kris and Ro are in the baby’s room (I mean the guest room!) and last night I was legit GROWLING in my sleep.

So this morning I went to my doctor to get a prescription for Ambien, which I hear really knocks you out... Has anybody taken this stuff? I’m ready to try anything!

I actually tried to call Marie (my magic dream catcher friend) but the number she gave me isn’t working.

In her honor, Kris and I went to a “crystal store” this afternoon and I bought these guys to put under my pillow:

Can't hurt???

Can't hurt???

I’ve never really been into crystals but I have to admit, these have seriously good vibes and I think the house could benefit from some natural good energy!

Two questions:

1. Have you incorporated any crystals into your décor?

2. Please save my marriage: how do I stop talking in my sleep?