Happy Monday-- M is recovering and my best friend Kris and her baby are picking up the slack!

Who, me, jealous?

Who, me, jealous?

M is laid up for two weeks while his knee heals and I’m so glad we are both back in the house. I slept here just one night by myself and woke myself up in a total panic every thirty minutes. (Have I mentioned, this place isn’t in the BEST neighborhood?) We’re celebrating with takeout, which was not made on a hot plate, but will probably be reheated on one…


It feels so good to have these ladies in the house-- this is the first time in my life I’ve had a proper guest room to put people up in (even if it has a leaking wall and the floors need to be redone…). Ramona is almost four months old and is the sweetest baby in America. Though I asked her yesterday to take care of sanding down the crown moldings in the dining room, and she literally hasn’t started.

Kris and I have been best friends since grade school. It’s my total dream for our daughters to grow up together…


So I have to get busy making this baby!

Have you ever tried a home repair project with a friend?