Update: I’m back in the guest room until I can stop talking to my husband at four AM.

After the kitchen project went so well, we had kind of a rough few days-- something seems to have moved into our attic, and we’ve been hearing scraping sounds while we sleep. (Actually, M has been hearing scraping sounds while I sleep, because M hasn’t been sleeping.) He’s only heard it a couple of times but if it keeps up we’re going to have to call the exterminator, which is one more extra expense we didn’t plan for.

Bonus: I downloaded a sleeptalking app my friend Kris suggested and now I am totally weirded out.

Ugh, no wonder M is cranky. I tried sleeping pills and I have been running in the evenings but nothing is helping yet!

Have you had pests in your attic? Especially anybody in southern California? I’m thinking raccoons?