I want to start by giving M credit for being the most patient, understanding, loving partner you could ever marry, buy a garbage house with, cook ramen for, or take to the hardware store. And I would also like to give him credit for being the guy who least likes having his photo taken.


We took the plunge on ordering some really beautiful major appliances yesterday and I can’t wait to show them to you-- but of course the oven I loved is on backorder and we won’t be able to get it for two more weeks. (Poor M-- more hotplate dinners for us!) While we wait, we went ahead and put up these shelves in the living room. And I am IN LOVE.


So after driving all over LA trying to find live-edge planks, which was my original plan, we decided to downgrade-slash-compromise (see? I’m trying to make things easy!) and go with an unfinished 2x12 red oak plank from Home Depot. Way cheaper than a live edge shelf-- maybe someday!

M cut the wood down to 30” sections on the circular saw, and I sanded the edges, then rubbed the finished pieces down with Danish oil.


After 30 minutes, wipe off the extra oil, then let them sit undisturbed for 8 hours. While I waited, I ate this whole box of Valentine’s Day candy M gave to me last week.


Danish oil is the best-- it’s basically a mixture of oil and varnish that brings out the natural color variations in the wood, and it made the red oak look AMAZING. 

So pretty.

So pretty.


I had originally envisioned floating shelves, but we decided it was more practical to use brackets, so that the shelves would be able to hold all our heavy plants.

Luckily our studs were in a perfect spot, so we could mount the brackets directly into them.

Found the stud ;)

Found the stud ;)

Then we just mounted the shelves on the brackets and screwed them in.


This project came together so easily it was an actual miracle and I never want to do anything without M ever again. I did not cry one single time, you guys. NOT ONCE.

M is kind of the best and we are back on track. 

Please post below to tell me how much you love my shelves. ;)