Update: I was wrong. About being pregnant. And about any of this being easy!

And I’m still talking in my sleep, which is driving M crazy. I’m sleeping on the air mattress in the guest room (trying not to call it the baby’s room anymore) for a couple nights so he can get some rest.

And speaking of the guest room, I’m going to hold off on the stencil project in there because M is right — we have to get the rest of the house liveable before I waste any more time stenciling the walls. We’re so burned out on this pregnancy stuff — it’s been three years of doctors, hormones, calendars, blah blah blah. We had a choice last year, we could either do IVF again or buy this house. And we bought the house and I’m so glad we did but OH MY GOD this is a lot of work and I’m still not pregnant, sigh.

Anyway I’m not going to mess with the guest bedroom anymore until the kitchen is done! (Though how cute does this yellow wall look???)


My sister has experience renovating an old house, and she warned me that this process would be hard on us — big surprise, she’s right again.

Anybody out there talk in your sleep when you’re stressed? Any tips?