After going down a deep peel and stick wallpaper hole, I found an amazing STENCIL FAUX WALLPAPER DIY for the baby’s room.

I’m taking a break from the kitchen to get started on the guest room because I am IN LOVE. I thought about doing a DIY stencil (I love stencils!) but decided to go with a store bought pattern, because this one looked perfect (and because my husband has encouraged me to choose the easy way when I can, so that I do 25% less crying in the aisles of Home Depot).

I’m going to start by prepping the north wall, which has a ton of damage, as well as a patched section where it looks like a door used to be.

A door to nowhere. Creepy.

A door to nowhere. Creepy.

Anyway, I love an accent wall in a bold pattern!

(M wants me to concentrate on getting a working stove installed in the kitchen before I do anything in here, but I’m kind of obsessed with getting this room ready.)

I’ve never been into the whole pastel baby’s room thing-- I want her room to be warm and welcoming, so I decided to go with a bright sunny yellow!

The first step was to repair some of the damage to the wall, so I used my trusty putty knife and spackle. It goes on pink, then turns white when it’s dry.


This is the finished wall: I’m pretty proud of it!


Have you stenciled an accent wall or a whole room? Where did you find your stencils?