When I was a kid I used to have whole conversations in my sleep (my big sister and I shared a bedroom and she said I was way less of a brat when I was dreaming). Unfortunately, M is not as into it as she was-- when I get stressed out I have a lot to say at two in the morning, and for some reason he doesn’t want to talk it out with me. ;)

I had the craziest dream last night. The guest room was totally renovated and I was sitting in there on a twin bed, and sitting right beside me?

That little girl I saw in the window.

The walls were painted this beautiful deep blue and she had on a blue dress, kind of old-fashioned, with a white ruffly collar. And I was just brushing out her hair. And I knew I was her mom.

She turned around and looked at me but it was like I couldn’t see her face? Or I could see it, and I can’t remember--

And then I woke up. And jotted this drawing down.

Don’t judge, I never said I was an artist! ;)

Don’t judge, I never said I was an artist! ;)

Anyway I was talking all night in my sleep about the baby, which creeped M out and made him late for work, so I’m making it up to him with hot plate carbonara and a bottle (not a box) of wine tonight.

Now I’m thinking about how to incorporate some blue into the room, which I had been thinking of in yellow. Maybe a yellow and white wall with blue accent pieces? Or how about this beautiful peel and stick landscape pattern?

Have you used peel and stick wallpaper???? It seems too good to be true.