I can’t wait to show you how my front porch project is going!

But I’m a little behind on my posting because while I was at the hardware store buying sealant for the porch (and it was my second hardware store trip of the day, cause you know I like to barely survive a hardware store trip, get home, realize I forgot something, cry a little, drive back to the hardware store, desperately wander the aisles looking for anybody who works there, and end up eating a king size bag of Bugles for lunch. Anybody else?) I got in a little bitty car accident. 

Good news: my porch is looking so cute!

Bad news: so excited about it that I backed into another car.

Luckily the woman driving it was literally the nicest woman I have ever met.


It was kind of both of our faults-- she basically talked me down, told me it was not a big deal (full disclosure: her car was already pretty scuffed up), and offered to come by the house and do a “neck adjustment” just in case I have whiplash. Because she’s a “traveling healer.”

I love you, California.

I hate you, hardware store.

I’ll let you know how it goes.