Since we are currently keeping our food in a college-dorm-sized fridge in the living room and cooking on a hot plate, first project up is the kitchen. I decided I could tear up the old vinyl floor solo while M was at work today.



Check out this sweet 1960s floral situation, about to be forever gone from my life.

You’ll need:

  • A knife
  • A heat gun (I learned the hard way)
  • A scraper
  • More emotional strength than you thought

So my vinyl tiles were pretty cooperative. Because they’re so old, I was able to find a loose corner that I could just pry up to get myself started.


When they started to get too sticky (because they’re still fused to whatever’s underneath with this old black adhesive) I needed to use heat to loosen them up. I read that you could do this with a hair dryer, which turned out to be bullshit, but it took me an hour and a light crying jag to accept it. So I went to the hardware store for the third time TODAY to buy a heat gun.

This is bullshit.

This is bullshit.


The heat gun is like a super hair dryer, and made things go much faster.

Move the heat gun over the linoleum section by section. It should soften and become possible to peel up. Use a scraper to help it along. Unfortunately, this was the part of the day when the blade in my scraper broke and I cut the crap out of my hand. (DIY bandage project coming soon; I don’t know where the box with the band-aids is!)

Forgive this gross bloody photo, I couldn’t get my hand to stop bleeding!

Forgive this gross bloody photo, I couldn’t get my hand to stop bleeding!

I was hoping to find wood flooring under here, but instead I found whatever this is.


Signing off to ice my hand and take a nap!

Have you done this in your house? Please comment!