Jennifer Wilson was last seen in Decatur Township, Indiana on April 3rd. She is thirty-five years old with light brown hair and blue eyes.


Matthew Wilson was last seen in Los Angeles, California on March 20th.  He is thirty-seven years old with brown hair and brown eyes.


If you have any information about either Jennifer or Matthew, please contact me. Their friends and families are gravely worried. In the hopes of finding either of them, I’m posting some of the video from Jen’s iphone, which was found in the Nicholson-Rand house three days ago. 



My mom had to come into my room last night to wake me up, I was screaming in my sleep. She sat with me while I calmed down, held my hand like she did when I was a kid, gave me another one of those pills. Ended up sleeping in bed with me. I didn’t get up until the afternoon.

Which was when I heard this on the app. 

Couldn’t keep my breakfast down, took a pregnancy test just to see.

I’m pregnant.



Ugh, I let Kris’s friend and her crew spend a night in the house. I wanted to go with them but my mom freaked out, cried, says I need to take care of myself right now, blah blah blah. So I told them where to find the spare key.

I got this last night:

Kris wants me to be excited-- maybe this means whatever is in the house is gone, and it’s safe now. But it made me cry, to watch it.

Everything’s gone-- Matthew is gone, the baby is gone, the house is just empty.

I’m afraid to go back there. I know I shouldn’t be afraid to go back there but somehow I think if I do go back and she’s gone it’s going to be worse than ever.

Fuck, Matthew, where are you?


Sorry these posts have been so short, these pills are really messing me up.

My mom is pissed at me because I’m supposed to be resting but I can’t leave this alone. The Nicholson-Rand house. It’s on every haunted house website. A gothic revival farmhouse in Indiana.

This is David Nicholson, the stonemason who built it for his family to live in. Nicholson, his wife, and their little daughter.

I found this in a scan of his obituary from 1899 .  (source:

I found this in a scan of his obituary from 1899. (source:

He finished building the house in 1876, but his family didn’t move in. Nicholson divorced his wife while he was building it and had her put in an institution. She died there.

Nicholson remarried right away. He lived in the house with his new wife for less than a year before they moved out. All that work, that whole house, and he barely lived there. I don’t know if they were driven out by something, or what.

I can’t find any record of what happened to the daughter Nicholson had with his first wife. I can’t find her name, I can’t find her photo. But I have a pretty strong feeling she’s about five years old, blonde hair, blue dress, standing in the window and waiting for me to come home.

What happened to her? I feel like something bad happened to her. I feel like I know her.

But how does a ghost from Indiana end up in southern California?

I just re-read that last question and I think fact that I’m even asking it means I’ve already lost my mind.

I’ve been talking about this with Kris a lot-- she’s always thought that the thing in the bedroom wasn’t an animal, it was something else. I don’t know-- maybe I’m just foggy from these pills but I’m starting to believe her.

Kris has a friend who’s a producer on one of those cheesy ghost hunting shows and she’s trying to convince me to let their crew spend a night in the baby’s room. See what happens.

Why not, I guess-- my husband is gone, my house is haunted, I’m thirty-five years old and I’ll never get pregnant and I’m living in my mom’s house, taking a sedative every six hours so I don’t start screaming. Not a lot to lose.

This house is all over the internet-- if you guys can find anything out, will you post it in the comments?


Don’t know what to make of this. Louise posted this in the comments the other day.


This is a photo taken by a newspaper reporter in Indiana in 1997 while an old farmhouse was being relocated. The city was planning a construction project in the spot where it was originally built, so they dug the whole thing up by its foundations and moved it a couple miles away.


That’s her, right? Am I insane?


Just wanted to let you know that I’m okay-- after those last few posts my mom drove out and got me, so I’m back home with her for a few nights. Having crazy nightmares but finally got on some real drugs that are keeping me asleep. They make me kind of foggy, though, so excuse me if this post is a little out of it.

I let all of this go too far. I don’t know where Matthew is. I finally got in touch his brother and it sounds like he’s been having a really hard time with all my baby craziness, like maybe he needed a breather.

I’m feeling way less nuts, like maybe this whole thing was a bad dream. Went back and looked at that first photo of the little girl in the window and maybe it’s just the light, maybe it was just me being so desperate to be a mom.


I’m so embarrassed.

Matthew I’m sorry.


Kind of worried because M didn’t come home last night.

He’s not answering his phone.

Too lonely to sleep in our room last night without him, ended up sleeping on the air mattress in the baby’s room. No raccoons but the patch came loose on my stupid drywall hole and the hole is even worse than it was before.


I have some idea you might be reading this. If you are-- Matthew, come home?

I know I haven’t been the best partner through this but I’ll do better--


I saw her again this afternoon.



I got shivers again just posting that!

I texted this to my mom and she immediately tried to convince me to come back to her place. But I don’t think I’m going crazy-- I think she’s here.

So happy to be back home-- not that I didn’t like getting fed ravioli and ice cream and watching Netflix and generally acting like an invalid at my mom’s place. My mom is so good at taking care of people-- when I had my tonsils out, she sat by my bed and fed me ice chips with a spoon. But honestly I’m ready to be the one feeding ice chips to my daughter. So it was time to come back here and get my house in order.

And my girl was waiting for me!

Whatever messed up stuff has happened-- spooky stuff, animal stuff, bad vibe stuff, I know this is the end of it. This is our house. This is where we’re going to raise our daughter. I know it. 

M isn’t home yet-- can’t wait to hug that guy.

(And to put him to work-- still a ton of work to do around here! Like, more than when I left, somehow?)


Hey, sorry it’s been a while!

We decided it would be best for me to go home and stay at my mom’s for a little while.

The good news is, M’s knee is feeling much better and he’s back at the house working. He thinks if he’s solo (meaning if I’m not creeping him out with my crazy sleep talking) he might be able to make more progress, so we can finally have a real kitchen and a good night’s sleep.

I miss him and the house but we’re giving each other a little bit of space.

No house photos, but here’s a drawing for you--



This is me in my sleep last night.

Matthew says he’s not sleeping here anymore. I haven’t wanted to post about this because it sounds so crazy, but he’s not reading it anyway. He basically doesn’t want anything to do with this house anymore-- ever since he fell off the ladder he’s had some idea that there’s bad juju in here. Which is nuts, because even though things have been sort of rough lately, I still believe in this place.


I still feel like this is the house where we’re going to find our little girl-- I can’t explain it, it’s just something I feel-- but I don’t know how to make him believe in her again.

Kris finally called me, and when I told her what was going on, she was like, you should get somebody to “clear your space.” She said she felt it too, some kind of bad energy in here.

Bummed that I can’t get in touch with my witchy friend Marie from the Home Depot parking lot.

I can’t take any more bad energy right now, guys. Have you ever tried burning sage or anything? Does it work?


Sorry for posting a weird video in the middle of the night-- my mom called me literally ten
seconds later offering to come over and make sure I didn’t get rabies. Sorry, Mom! And sorry
anybody else I worried!

The raccoon woke me up again last night-- I heard something scrabbling around in the guest
room and tried to catch it in the act.
When I went into the guest room the trap was sprung but there was nothing inside.
Bad idea: try to do a drywall project at 4AM! I swear I heard it IN THE WALL-- so creepy, you
guys. Nobody’s been getting much sleep, and I was so pissed off and out of it that I thought I
should find where it was nesting and just be done with it.


I messed up my nails pretty bad trying to get behind the baseboard, so I got a hammer, and it
was all downhill from there.

I should not be allowed to play with tools

I should not be allowed to play with tools

M is pretty bummed out. I’m going to try to cheer him up by making him hot plate mac and
cheese (my new specialty). I think he’s starting to wish we’d just stayed in our old apartment,
where we had a maintenance guy to fix things and no animals in the wall and I slept like a
normal person… But we’re making progress!


(Subtitle: How to watch your husband patch drywall, because you’re an idiot)

(Subtitle: How to watch your husband patch drywall, because you’re an idiot)

This guy is the best-- but not in the best mood

This guy is the best-- but not in the best mood

So, in order to keep even more animals from crawling into our lives, we had to patch the hole I made in the drywall ASAP. (I tried to do it myself but I had a negative pregnancy test this morning and sort of freaked out in Home Depot, so M is helping me because he’s the best, even though he’s still in a lot of pain, even though he’s married to a dummy, even though I scream at night and made him buy a house full of raccoons, even though sometimes it feels like we will never, never get pregnant.)

Luckily the hole is only about six inches at its widest spot. This kind of patch job is called a “California patch.” (Perfect! But I can’t figure out how it got its name-- any ideas???)


Step 1: Cut a piece of drywall for the patch. M made a square 2 inches wider and higher than the hole I made by being a hysterical asshole in the middle of the night.


Step 2: Use a box cutter to cut through the drywall about an inch from the edge. Do this from the back, so that you only cut through the white wall part, NOT THE PAPER BACKING!


Step 3: Break the edges off without tearing the paper.


Step 4: Hold the patch up against the wall and trace around the inside square.


Step 5: Use a knife to cut out the square in the wall, making a nice puzzle piece to fit your patch into. (We checked to make sure there were no wires to accidentally cut through, though electrocuting myself seems pretty on-brand right about now.)

Step 6: Use a scraper to put joint compound on the back of the paper part of the patch. Fit the drywall square into the little cutout in the wall and press the paper down against the outside edge of the hole so it sets.


Step 7: With the scraper, cover the patch with joint compound to hide the seams.


Step 8: We had to do a second coat, letting the compound dry in between.


Step 9: Sand the whole thing-- viola!

Step 10: Tape oven mitts over your wife’s hands while she sleeps so she doesn’t destroy any more of your house.



So now I’m adding a raccoon battle to the top of the home improvement list.

At least I wasn’t the one keeping M up last night…

Something got into the guest room while Kris and Ro were asleep. We can’t figure out how it happened-- all the windows were closed and even though the drywall in here is pretty dicey there’s no way for something to have come through from the ceiling. WTF, critters?

Anyway, it’s been a pretty bad morning.

Bad idea?

Bad idea?

M has been yelling at me to take it easy, since this is the way he got hurt, but there’s definitely something going on in the ceiling. The pest control guy quoted me almost $500 to come check the attic and animal-proof it, which is not really in the budget right now.

But these are!

Pest Control Pellets ( Link )

Pest Control Pellets (Link)

Humane Raccoon Trap ( Link )

Humane Raccoon Trap (Link)

I climbed up into the ceiling and put down a ton of this “Critter Ridder,” plus M set a (humane!) trap in the guest room.

And there’s zero sign of where that weird watermark is coming from. No pipes up here and it hasn’t rained since we moved in, WTF?!

Cross your fingers that my DIY extermination project works! And that Kris forgives me! I totally get it-- waking up in the middle of the night and finding a furry friend sharing the mattress with you and your baby is an actual nightmare. She left in the middle of the night to take Ro to get the scratches checked out (too dark to see what it was, we’re guessing a baby raccoon who got confused and thought their bed was her mama’s nest?). Thank goodness everything was okay.

This is one of those times when it would be nice to have a husband around. Get well soon, M!


I’m sleeping with my poor busted husband again since Kris and Ro are in the baby’s room (I mean the guest room!) and last night I was legit GROWLING in my sleep.

So this morning I went to my doctor to get a prescription for Ambien, which I hear really knocks you out... Has anybody taken this stuff? I’m ready to try anything!

I actually tried to call Marie (my magic dream catcher friend) but the number she gave me isn’t working.

In her honor, Kris and I went to a “crystal store” this afternoon and I bought these guys to put under my pillow:

Can't hurt???

Can't hurt???

I’ve never really been into crystals but I have to admit, these have seriously good vibes and I think the house could benefit from some natural good energy!

Two questions:

1. Have you incorporated any crystals into your décor?

2. Please save my marriage: how do I stop talking in my sleep?


Happy Monday-- M is recovering and my best friend Kris and her baby are picking up the slack!

Who, me, jealous?

Who, me, jealous?

M is laid up for two weeks while his knee heals and I’m so glad we are both back in the house. I slept here just one night by myself and woke myself up in a total panic every thirty minutes. (Have I mentioned, this place isn’t in the BEST neighborhood?) We’re celebrating with takeout, which was not made on a hot plate, but will probably be reheated on one…


It feels so good to have these ladies in the house-- this is the first time in my life I’ve had a proper guest room to put people up in (even if it has a leaking wall and the floors need to be redone…). Ramona is almost four months old and is the sweetest baby in America. Though I asked her yesterday to take care of sanding down the crown moldings in the dining room, and she literally hasn’t started.

Kris and I have been best friends since grade school. It’s my total dream for our daughters to grow up together…


So I have to get busy making this baby!

Have you ever tried a home repair project with a friend?



Hey guys--

So scary, M fell off a ladder Monday night. He was getting into the crawl space to find the source of that leak in the guest room and see WTF is making all this noise in the night.

He’s okay but has to wear a brace for a few weeks and will have a hard time getting around. And the poor guy had to have a small surgery to deal with a broken rib pressing against his lung. We’re in the hospital and will probably be here for a couple more nights.

I’m not sure how we’re going to move forward with house stuff right now but the important thing is that he is okay.

Be careful, everybody!